3 years later…

It’s been 3 years today, since I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. 3 years of new everything! A new day to day life, a new body, too many new things to list.

I’ve spent the last 10 months getting off all medications and strengthening my body. I’ve lost 30 pounds since March and I’m finally starting to build back some of the muscle mass I lost.

It’s been hard, that’s for sure, but not nearly as hard as the two years of treatment. Don’t get me wrong! I believe treatment was necessary and I’m positive I’ll need to go through it again. But Lyme Disease treatment is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through and I don’t miss it AT ALL!!

I’ve learned a lot. The last three years have shown and taught me a lot. Who I can count on, how much my body can take, how much my family means to me, and so much more! I now know exactly why I fight so hard to live a normal life.

That’s sad to admit but all chronically ill people want in life,is to be “normal”. Not to have to go to the doctors twice a week or stick yourself with needles just to get through the day. Not having to rely on anyone is the freeing feeling….there’s not enough words to describe it!

I just wanna say Happy Anniversary Lyme Disease! It’s been 11 years since our battle began and I know you thought you won but you were wrong! I WILL BEAT YOU!



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